Our artists create all our images.

We would like to welcome Kathy Kahnle (www.beyondtheimage.biz) on board as well as Paul Grundburg (www.ldstoons.com) Regina Hansen &  and Ben Hansen.

Kathy is very talented at a wide variety of things including sketches, graphics, photography and wood working. Her knowledge of computers added to her talents makes everything she attempts, work out beautifully. She is truly an asset to On My Island.

Paul started cartooning with a friend in 8th grade, the  friend stopped... Paul kept going. On his mission he included hand drawn/color cartoons in each of his letters to the president, (needless to say the president worried about Paul -some of his cartoons are off the wall.) ldstoons.com started off as a way to share some of his original mission letters and just grew as he added new ideas. The thing that keeps him going is that his cartoons have been used to cheer up missionaries around the world and make their families laugh.

Regina is a mother of three young children & does her artwork on the side as a hobby. She is a very gifted artist. Her talent needs to be shared.

Ben is a natural artist that enjoys cartooning, realistic art & movie making. He started drawing at a very young age. Now as a teen he is soaring to new heights & sharing part of his talent with On My Island.